We Give Back

When we started Humanity Bags we knew we wanted to create a company that could help others. Not only are these bags handmade with love in Guatemala and are helping to keep women and their families live a happy, healthy life but we also donate a portion per bag to an orphanage based out of Guatemala as well. We feel it is important to show pictures of the orphanage and children so our customers can see where exactly their money is going and who they are helping. We have partnered up with an AMAZING charity based out of Dallas, TX called “Called for His Purpose“. The charity was founded and is currently being run by two couples who have dedicated their lives to helping children living at the orphanage. The orphanage was created over 30 years ago and is very special as their main goal is keep teen moms and their children together. We are so excited we get to help them accomplish this and are looking forward to seeing how big of a difference we (and our customers) can make in these children’s lives! We are blessed for the opportunity to help provide for these adorable kids and are grateful for our amazing customers who make this all possible! If you care to come on this journey with us take a look at the video and pictures below…


Orphanage Children:

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